Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hong Kong Part 1

I am not so good in blogging about travel, but for this trip I've promised to some of friend that will jot down some tips and put some photo to "bakar semangat' for them to visit Hong Kong. I am writing this based on my personal opinion and its all based on my observation. And also please mind of my english... Oh My English!

Before we left for the trip, my travel partner mestilah laki mak did very well in preparation of information; of course with the heaven of internet overload. But I told hubby, my research are very conservative but who know it may help when his gadget cannot be used when we reach Hong my paper hikmat will help hahahha. Thank you to Pencerita Maya and Cik Bunga  who helped us with all the tips. :)

 * HKD100 is about RM40 when we were there, please do your own conversation.

Travel with 2 infants and 1 toddler is not easy.  When you travel with kids or being away from home abroad, ones learn to appreciate more about simple basic. We allocated 1/4 or may be 1/2 portion with food stuff.  You name it, we bought along the serunding, Instant rice,  biscuits, vono mushrooms soup, maggie, All 3 in 1 of Milo, Vico, Neslo too.  Don't forget to carry around Taharah soup so you can samak any culteries and utensils before using it.
The instant rice, introduce by Cik Bunga

We stayed at Chi Residences at Jordan.  Very closed to MTR station and I super duper like it.  How to move in with 2 infants on the go? and of course 1 dramatic boy in the group.  But Alhamdulillah, it run with no hiccups at all.  But I give Hong Kong a big thumb up for its efficient and effective public transportation services.  We have tried the MTR, bus, taxi and also ferry.  None disappoint us at all.

MTR Station

  model tak berbayar: taken by hubs, abis la jenuh nak minta maaf kat akak ni

The ferry is a great ride, tak mabuk at all. Just ensure you get your jetty ride.

Just to remind, you need to fold for the stroller when you enter the bus.  So be ready.  I would recommend you to buy octopus card, something like Touch N go if you want to avoid the hassle to get ready with money every time you want to get onto their public transport.  It linked to all busess, MTR and Star Ferry also.  You can always top up and when you want to go back, you can get your deposit refund.
The taxi at the back, please ignore the models..hahahah

The cab was spacious.  The cab is old but very well maintained, clean and all with air condition. No smelly stuffs and all. That's why i said its great.

The escalator at the MTR is very steep and very fast, so be ready and always hold the rail.  Ensure you  grip it nicely and hold your kids very dear.

The interchange station is within the line itself. The MTR runs in the same railway track. Bukan like KL where you have to exit go out and get into another station. Very easy. So no worry of kena hujan panas and all. Just be alert where you should change your line.

train dia panjang giller bukan 4 gerabak ajer macam LRT and goes very fast ala2 ERL. Memang mengujakan.

OK, to be continued more later. I shall blog about the food and the places of interests.


rosmona said...

Wahhh hong kong.. Syok la kakak.. Teringin nk p tapi poket adik nipis takat2 mampu dlm negara ajer..xper, insyaallah ade rejeki d lain kali..
Psstttt.. Fridge magnet ade lebih x??? Mueheheheehhehe.... (tutupmukengantudungsaji)..

Intanaziela said...

ros: insyaallah kalau ada keinginan akan sampai juga ke tempat impian...FM ada...meh la jumpa..

niL said...

1st of All....Oh My English! Harus kena bukak google translate, nak baca entry nih.. :-)

Tapi, dasat kan..transportation diorang...Satu hong kong cover.

**Sedih pk train Malaysia dicover oleh bukan warganegara je skrg

Intanaziela said...

Nily: hahahah i feel stupid when i speak malay...kahhhh...kalau hati sedih tak boleh menulis dgn bahasa malaysia, terlebih emo..kah kah kah.. lepas ni baru taip dalam bahasa malaysia, sebab hati dah happy balik..kakakakka

public transport dia memang syok kan.. terpegun di situ..kat malaysia? jangan ko harap dik non..jenuhlah menapak nak keluar dari satu stensen ke satu stesen...

PM said...

wah... kelas mama writing a travel note in english!!!

niL said...

Oh My English...lagi sekali!

Intanaziela said...

nani: oh my english! hahahaha abaikan english bersepah itu, saje amik feel baru balik hong kong...bajet konon lama tak cakap melayu hahahhaa

nily: hahhahaa oh my english!

niL said...

Bile nak sambung niii!!!

**matilaa...saya pun cerita china tak abis lagi

Intanaziela said...

Nilly: on the way...hahahah adoilah..tulis dlm bahasa inggeris boleh tulis sikit je... oh my english! hahahahah

@hasney^-^ said...

Ya Allah, intan, mampu ko, mmg stronglah...hari tu has bawa anak2 gi Singapore pun dh mcm nak tercabut nyawa melayan kerenah diorang...tambah2 gi journey jauh mcm ni...huh..tak terbayang kalau next is our turn..hah3..anyway..congrats, ur strong women..hi3...

Hidup ini penuh dengan dugaan, Tak ikut?
Penakut. Kalau ikut? eeii..eii..sukanya dia!!