Monday, June 25, 2012

Hong Kong Part 3

 Hong Kong Museum of Art

Our Journey continue the next day.   The weather is not very kind to us today.  It rains pretty heavy. We plan to go to the PEAK and if rain we may not be able to enjoy much.  The true spirit of travelers lets not make this spoil our time.  We do it in rainy way then. We heading to Hong Kong Museum of Art; located at Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. This is a must activity to our family.  This large art museum is situated right on the Harbour's edge, and its entirely possible that you sitting on the comfortable sofas and staring across the bay at Hong Kong Island.  The classic painting display up stairs are really interesting.

We are crossing Hong Kong Island today. by Star Ferry.  Stop at Masjid Ammar in Wan Chai to perform a prayer and had our lunch at Islamic Centre Canteen.  The Dim sum was superb but the nasi goreng only so-so.  The food is certified halal by the Islamic community Fund of Hong Kong. No picture is taken here.

The Peak

Take a good look at the Bank of China and ITC buildings.  So cool and it was surrounded by all the famous boutique all over.  Another interesting place to go is the Peak.  You can go up ther using the Tram or the bus.  It was cool and beautiful but when we where there, time was not on our side, it was all rainy day.  But the ride via tram was super duper coll.  We get down and stroll along the road moving  the Star Ferry Pier. If you want to buy a souvenir, you can shop at The Peak Market. 

Tai Yuen Street

We promised to Hadif that he can choose what ever toys that he want at Tai Yuen Street @ Wan Chai.  .If you are heading there via the MTR, you will need to take the A3 exit from the Wan Chai MTR station.  Once out, you will just need to cross Johnston Street in front of you and you should be able to locate the following signpost at the start of one end of Tai Yuen Street. This is heaven for kids who love toys like Abang Hadif and for parents who love the low and cheaper price like Babah and Mama hahahaha.

   Ladies Market in Mongkok

Ladies Market

It may look like you are in for a great time of shopping but when you really start, you will find that the items are all the same.  They have everything from shoes to clothes, but for me, this place is better for local sourvenirs such as fridge magnet, I Love Hong Kong shirts and street signs.  Prices are set high so do bargain.  items for sale are cheap knock-offs and expensive considering their quality. Not recommended if you're looking for branded goods.  It is a place to come and test your bargaining skills but beware of the rude seller mulut busuk okeh.

cucu Bruce Lee

Avenue of Star, Hong Kong

  • The Avenue of Stars is basically a sidewalk on the shore of Hong Kong's Victoria Bay that is modeled after the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The sidewalk and pedestrian area has the handprints and signatures of famous Hong Kong actors but I recognized only Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. 

  • p/s: The quality of the pictures very kelaut since most of the time I used my window phone manalah nak lawan pics dari kamera mahal Cik Pencerita Maya dan Cik Bunga...hukhukhu. Travel with kids are really make all easy peasy task become not easy.  


niL said...

Tu laa..lenkali kena bawak saya utk tukang ambik gambar..

Eh Bruce Lee kawen ngan orang Melayu ke?

Intanaziela said...

Nily: tu la time bawak cik bunga untuk jadi photographer hikhikhik..baru la bajet percutian orang kaya2..siap ada official photographer, amacam kelas tak?

syy...yang Bruce Lee kawen dgn orang Melayu tu jangan cakap dgn sesiapa tua..rahsia kita berdua..kekekek

PM said...

k.intan, agak2 nak tukang amik gambar yg ringan sikit bawak saya... cik bunga berat.

*larikkkkk pecut 400 meter

Intanaziela said...

Nani: ahahkan...separuh dr berat cik bunga kan? Hiks larik laju2 sampai negara china...

Hidup ini penuh dengan dugaan, Tak ikut?
Penakut. Kalau ikut? eeii..eii..sukanya dia!!