Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hong Kong Part 2

Ngong Ping 360, Lantau Island

We had a lovely day out at Lantau Island.  Take the MTR to Tung Chung Station.  Even on Friday, there was a queue for the cable car.  Yes, the area's covered from the sun and has fans but does get hot.   Hubby opted for the glass-bottomed cable car or Crystal Cable Car as they market it, which costs a bit more than normal one.  The cable car ride is extremely scenic and great experience to be enjoyed by any age of group even Ahmad Muhammad Kauthar :)  It is a 30 minutes journey and will goes across 5 peak.  You can see the dam and airport very clear from up above and  it is cool and you can see the largest sitting Buddha in Asia. Visit NGONG PING for detail.

We opted to get down with this Cristal Cable Car and CITYGATE FACTORY OUTLET  is only a few steps from the station.  But CityGate Factory outlet saw me came back empty handed. I have decided at this point not to buy the bag, same goes to hubby. Point to note, branded bags are on sale but price after sale are just the same as retail price in Malaysia. Not worth it, but sempat sambar gown for Raisa at Kingkow and t-shirt and romper for Kauthar at Petit factory outlet.

The one and only photo cover the whole families, travel with kids..what do you expect? hahaha ambil gambar pun guna telefon bimbit...

Hong Kong Disneyland

Abang Hadif, apple of my heart

It is a great place.  When we arrived, we stayed until it closed to withnes the firework  show.  It goes around everyday starting at 7.30 p.m.  The park are bigger than Universal Studio Singapore I guess. Hadif enjoy himself at Tomorrowland.  Seriously it was so much fun.

One of the best parts about visiting Disneyland are those moments when you can get closed to Disney character or they stops to give your kids a high-five.  Hadif is happy to meet Chip and Dale but Raisa totally not.  Hahahaha.  She refused to take a picture with them.  Looks like brutal but dalam hati ada taman ini budak. While Hadif and Babah enjoy their space ride, one of local people come to me and asked "Are you from Dubai?" hahahah Am I looking like "Mek Arab"? Oh My English! hahahaa. "No, am from Malaysia!" Hampeh ok, this Hong Kong people does not know abou Malaysia, but she know about Singapore... tsk..tks..tsk... When I told her I come Malaysia, she said "I thought you're from Dubai"  wah..mak bajet mak arab cik bunga oii..hahahah

The Lion King show are really awesome.  Hadif and Raisa enjoy the show, believe me, their gaping mouth, me either. If there's a reason to go back to Hong Kong, it must be Disneyland for me..heheehe.  For any info, can visit DISNEYLAND.

After settle down with Raisa's tantrum, we heading to hotel. Having a late dinner and tonight Raisa fall asleep under dining table.  Letih sangat la tu, sampai pengsan!


niL said...


Tanak baca lagih!!!

Intanaziela said...

nily: hahahahah best tau naik cable car...jom pi lagi nak?

niL said...

wa no hal! tp moh ikut balik kg wakil mengadap PnFatimah jom!...ada bran???

Intanaziela said...

eleh..boleh aje..hahhahah tapi sebenarnya takut woo takut kena smash dgn puan famimah...baru ye...oh my english...hahahhaha

Nas Lie Yan T said...

hmm...jejarang baca blog intan yang menggunakan penulisan dalam bahasa inggeris. kalau yanti - hampeh lerrr jawabnyer. grammar hancur !!
apapun, percutian intan mmg best jerrr baca nih!! tapi naik cabel car tu yang buat yanti rasa kecut perut. adohai .... seram nengok !!

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

wow.. lovely pics.
Follow each other.

Intanaziela said...

Yanti: hihihi kalau tulis dlm bahasa inggeris lebih pendek...nk cepat habis entry hikhikhik pi la hong kong yanti..hani mesti suka...hadif sampai hari ni dok cerita disneyland hahaha

Intanaziela said...

Izdiher: tq, will follow ur log :)

Hidup ini penuh dengan dugaan, Tak ikut?
Penakut. Kalau ikut? eeii..eii..sukanya dia!!